How to Improve Your Credit Score With Rock Solid Auto Center   Oct 31st, 2018 

Cash is slowly becoming a thing of the past. We live in a world of credit, and maintaining a good credit score can mean the difference between having the necessities of life and struggling to get by. There are many factors that contribute to your credit score and trying to understand them all can be a daunting task. One thing is for certain, if you are one of the many people with a credit score that is considered poor or if you have no credit history to speak of, it is time to get back on track.

At Rock Solid Auto Center, helping people fix damaged credit is priority number one. Because we are so committed to credit maintenance and repair, we have compiled some quick tips on how to get a less than perfect credit score back on track.


Pay Off as Much Debt as Possible

The most obvious tip is to pay off as much outstanding debt as possible without adding new charges. Outstanding balances can bring a credit score down. While paying off your debt in one big swoop may be unrealistic, increasing your monthly payment even by just a few dollars can make a significant difference.

Avoid Closing Unused Accounts

Avoid closing unused accounts. Getting rid of old accounts might make you less likely to use credit, and it also wipes out part of your credit history. People with little or no credit history will face the same challenges as those people with poor credit.

Check your Credit Score

Keep an eye on your credit report. Everyone makes mistakes – even the credit bureaus! There may be inaccurate information on your credit report that is contributing to a low score. Each of the main credit bureaus maintains a dispute department. If something doesn’t look right, report it.


Create a Budget

Create a personal budget and stick to it. Being disciplined with your finances will help avoid the pitfalls that helped lower your credit score to begin with.


These tips are just a few things you can do to help improve your credit score.

Establishing new credit so that you can re-establish a solid payment history can be hard with a tainted credit score. This is where we can help the most!

We help people with little or no credit get into quality used automobiles regardless of their history. When you purchase a vehicle from us, you not only get a reliable vehicle but you take the first steps in showing a positive payment history. Working with the professionals at Rock Solid Auto Center is a double win situation!




Five Things You Need In a Car Emergency Kit   Oct 31st, 2018 

No matter if your car is used or new, you need an emergency kit in it. In the unfortunate event that you have an on-road emergency, you need to be properly prepared to handle the situation. Here are five things that every vehicle should have in its safety kit.

 1: Jumper Cables

Have you ever been in a hurry and accidentally left some light on in your car? It happens to everyone! However, a dead battery will certainly put you in a very compromising situation. Keep a good set of jumper cables in your trunk for these forgetful moments.

2:  Flashlight

A flashlight could be your best friend if you break down on the side of the road, especially if your phone is dead! Whether you need to change a tire or inspect the engine, the flashlight will be able to provide the necessary illumination. A flashlight will also become an indispensable asset if you are forced to walk for help.

3: Duct Tape

A lot of people wouldn’t think to have this handy tool in your car, but if you’re in a tight spot, it could be a life saver! If your coolant hose or a fan belt breaks, duct tape can be used to make temporary repairs.

4: Basic Tool Set

A basic tool set will come in handy for making minor repairs. For example, you may be unable to crank your vehicle due to a loose battery terminal. By using a socket wrench, you should be able to re-tighten the connection in no time.

5: Road Flares

If you break down, road flares can be used to make your vehicle much more visible to the oncoming traffic The brightness of the road flares will also enable a tow truck to quickly locate your car.

Here at Rock Solid Auto Center, we hope that you never break down or need an emergency kit, but odds are it will happen to you at least once in your life. Keep safe by being prepared!

Extra Costs to Consider Before Purchasing a Vehicle   Oct 15th, 2018 

When you’re ready to great used vehicle, make sure you understand the financial impact on your household budget. Not only will you be responsible for making the monthly payments, but you’ll have the monthly operational costs to deal with. Combining all of the costs of owning a car will help you understand what kind of budget you’re working with to spend on a used car. Buying just the right car for you means buying within your budget.

Fuel Costs

How much will you be driving this car? Do you have a two-hour commute to work and back every day? Or do you work from home and only drive down the street to the market occasionally? If you drive a lot of miles each month, a car that gets 16 miles to the gallon could cost you hundreds of extra dollars each month in fuel. A small economy car or a hybrid could be more beneficial for your budget to afford the gas for a two-hour work commute, so this is something to consider before you head down to your dealership.

Regular Maintenance

Expect to take your car in every three or four months for an oil change and a check of all the fluids. If the car you buy is still under manufacturer warranty, you may want to take it in to the dealer for the recommended maintenance check-ups.

Tire Maintenance

If you are on a tight budget when buying a used car, make sure the car has a good set of tires. They can give you a few years of use before spending hundreds of dollars on a new set of tires. With older tires, you may soon have to deal with the cost and stress of fixing a flat tire or replacing them altogether.

Routine maintenance of the tires adds little cost to the car ownership. Make sure they are inflated properly and if you spot any signs of nails in the tires, as well as cracked or split sidewalls, take the car into a shop to have them inspected.

Repairs and Tune Ups

A number of things can make your car run rough. From dirty fuel injectors to faulty spark plug wires, there are a number of reasons you may take your car in for a tune up. Remember, keeping your car running well gives you better gas mileage, thus saving you money, and it also provides you with the peace of mind of knowing you have reliable transportation.

Simply driving your car, starting and stopping, hitting potholes and dodging other road hazards wears down your brakes and suspension. These normally don’t fail suddenly, but when you start to have a problem with them, it’s best to address the issue quickly for your own safety. As with the regular maintenance, saving s little money each month toward these repairs will keep you from scrambling to find a few hundred dollars for a brake job.

Take all of these factors into consideration to create an estimate of the overall costs of owning a car. This way you’ll know how much money you need each month to drive it and keep it in good repair. When you head to Rock Solid Auto Center once you’ve calculated your budget, you will be able to pick your car and price plan without any hassle. When you can afford to drive and maintain your car each month, you’ll be much happier with it for years to come!

3 Reasons Why You Should Never Buy A New Car   Oct 15th, 2018 

While there are benefits to buying a brand new car, it might not be the smartest financial choice. Before you think a car with only 10 miles is the better deal, here are three arguments why you should never buy a new car!



1.You'll Pay More


Buying a great car does not have to complicate your financial life! If you have good credit and you're able to qualify for a new car loan with no hassles, banks may compete for your business and offer the best rate possible.


But even with low-rate auto financing on a new purchase, a new car will be more expensive than an older version of the same car. Not only because of the higher sale price, but you'll also pay more in other areas. Brand new cars can have higher insurance premiums than used cars as well.


2. Faster Depreciation and Negative Equity


It’s kind of a trap, but new cars depreciate faster than used vehicles. The sad reality is that the average new car can depreciate as much as 19% in its first year! What does this mean for you? To put it simply, if you buy a brand new car without a down payment, or if your monthly loan payment isn't high enough to compensate for depreciation, you could end up owing more than the vehicle is worth.


Negative equity isn't the worst thing to happen if you plan on keeping the car until it's paid off. But if you're the type of person who trades in vehicles every two or three years, negative equity can increase the cost of your next vehicle. If the dealership gives you $19,000 for your trade-in, yet you owe $22,000, the $3,000 difference doesn't just go away.  You have to pay it when the dealer tacks the negative equity onto your next car loan. So instead of a sale price of $27,000 for your next vehicle, you end up financing $30,000.


On the other hand, if you skip the brand new car and buy a vehicle that's one or two years old, you'll be able to get the car at a price that's more comparable to its actual value, and possibly avoid an upside-down loan.


3. You Get More for Your Money


Since cars depreciate rapidly within the first year, buying used is an opportunity to get more for less!


For example, you can buy used cars that are less than a year old and save thousands of dollars! Here at Rock Solid Auto Center, we already have great quality vehicles that are in perfect condition! It’s like buying a brand new car, without the brand new price tag.


In summary, buying used is the way to go! It saves you money in the present and future, and is also the most practical method. To browse our inventory visit our website or call 480-222-2010 for more information!


3 Fun Fall Activities To Do In The Mesa Area   Sep 27th, 2018 

Although the weather may not feel like it, it’s officially Fall! When it comes to outdoor events, festivals, and celebrations, October is one of the busiest months of the year in the Tempe area! Continue reading to learn three fun things to do in October!

2nd Friday Night Out in Mesa

Live music, entertainment, and prize giveaways take place on the second Friday of every month on Main Street in Downtown Mesa. This outdoor street party features a different theme every month and in 2018, the October theme is "Nightmare on Main." You can expect over 40 artist and vendor booths alongside creepy costumes and decorations to transform this tranquil town center into a spooky market and street fair. Visit the 2nd Friday Night Out website for more information on performances, vendors, and this year's themes!

6th Street Market in Tempe

Head over to Downtown Tempe for a family-friendly, free outdoor market every Sunday in October. Featuring dozens of vendors of arts and crafts, live music, and local cuisine for sale, 6th Street Market offers a great way to spend a casual Sunday morning near Phoenix.

The first 6th Street Market this year will take place on October 14, 2018, from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. (and every Sunday thereafter until April 14, 2019).

Race for Maggie's Place in Tempe

If you're looking to give back to the local community, you can take part in the annual 15K, 10K, 9K, or 5K runs at Tempe Town Lake on Sunday, October 7, 2018. The annual  "A Race for Maggie's Place" event is a fundraiser for a shelter for pregnant women and those with infants. Also featured in this year's event are a Kids' Dash and a Diaper Dash for toddlers as well as a 5K walk and a Stroller Push for families and disabled participants.

We hope you enjoy these events! Also if you know of any other fun Fall events, please drop them in the comments below!

Top-Rated Used Car Brands  Sep 27th, 2018 

Here at Rock City Auto Center, we specialize in providing a great quality selection of used vehicles. Overtime we have learned what the best used car brands are based upon customer satisfaction. Continue reading to learn the automotive brands that we feel have the best reputation for long-term reliability.


This automaker is one that continues to impress year after year. Not only are Toyotas extremely reliable, but they always score above average on road test satisfaction. When shoppers think of a vehicle that can easily last a decade, Toyota is the first to come to mind.


Though its reliability has somewhat declined in the past couple years as newer models were released, used Honda models continue to hold a strong reputation as the vehicle that just won’t let you down. Honda is also known for its affordable pricing and safety features.


You may have noticed that there are more and more Kia vehicles on the road, and you might just think that’s because they are affordable. However, in recent years, Kia has made giant leaps to outrank competitors, while also providing better overall satisfaction.

A decade ago, Kia didn’t have the best brand reputation, so you might want to steer clear if you’re considering a much older model. Despite this, we have seen the brand rise in ranks since 2014, so it’s certainly one to watch if you’re looking for a vehicle just a few years old.

Interested in purchasing a used vehicle from one of these brands? We can help! Here at Rock City Auto Center, we have a large selection of vehicles from all brands. Browse our inventory on our website or call us at 480-222-2010 to schedule a test drive today!


Benefits of Purchasing Your Vehicle at a Buy Here Pay Here   Sep 27th, 2018 

Here at Rock Solid Auto Center, we are a proud Buy Here Pay Here used car dealership. However, we understand the social stigma associated with such places. We want to set the record straight! Continue reading to learn the many advantages of purchasing your next vehicle at a Buy Here Pay Here.

1. It’s Okay If You Have Bad Credit

We’re here to help you purchase your perfect vehicle, especially when no one else will. Instead of looking at a credit score, we look at other factors to determine the vehicle you can easily afford.  Our financing options are fast and easy. You pick the car, you pick the financing program, and you drive away! We hate haggling over prices. At Rock Solid, you're in control of the car buying experience.


 2. We Can Help Repair Your Credit

Credit challenges can result from a variety of circumstances such as divorce, unemployment, a new baby, etc. We understand these situations and treat our customers with respect while reviewing their needs. 


We can also help you increase your credit score! As long as you pay on time, every time, your credit score will eventually increase.


3. We Will Save You Time 

Instead of waiting awhile for a car loan to process, you can buy your car and get it financed here. Literally everything is handled by us, which makes the process much more efficient and faster.

4. Flexibility

We understand that everyone’s financial situation is different. We are willing to work with you to find the plan that best works for you and your budget. When others won’t work with you, we will!


We totally understand that the benefits of a Buy Here Pay Here may not be for everyone. However, for those that are struggling to find financing elsewhere due to low credit scores, dealerships like Rock Solid Auto Center can be highly advantageous. We offer quality used vehicles, budget management and affordable financing.  To learn more about what a Buy Here Pay Here dealership like ours do for you, give us a call at 480-222-2010!

3 Reasons Why Your Check Engine Light Might Be On   Sep 18th, 2018 

Have you ever been driving down the road and all of a sudden your check engine light comes on and starts dinging? If you have ever experienced this situation, you might remember the panic that set in as you tried to figure out what was wrong with your car and how much it would cost to fix it. 


Here at Rock Solid Auto Center, we don't ever want you to experience this situation! Continue reading to learn the three most common reasons why your check engine light might be on and how to fix it.


1. Gas Cap


The gas cap seals the fuel system and helps maintain pressure within the fuel tank. However, if your vehicle has a loose, cracked, or faulty gas cap, that seal is broken. The broken seal can cause fuel to evaporate, which throws your entire exhaust system out of whack and cues the check engine light.


Luckily, this is one of the easiest items on this list to fix. First, check to make sure your gas cap is on tight. If this was in fact what triggered the warning, your check engine light should go off after you drive for about 10 – 20 miles. If the cap is missing or cracked, you can purchase a new one at an auto parts store for about $3.


2. Spark Plugs 


Engines don’t just run on gasoline; they also need electricity! This is where spark plugs come in. Spark plugs connect to wires that lead to the ignition system. Electricity is created by the alternator and sent to the plugs, which create arcs of electricity. This is what ignites the fuel in your engine’s cylinders, creating the combustion that pushes the pistons down and actually turns the engine.


When the plugs fail, they misfire and you’ll feel a little jolt in the vehicle’s acceleration. The check engine light may also come on. Replacing spark plugs is relatively cheap and easy, and will have a big impact on your vehicle’s performance.  



3. MAF (Mass Airflow Sensor) 


The mass airflow sensor measures the amount of air entering the engine. Its reading helps determine how much fuel is needed to efficiently run the engine. In addition to triggering the check engine light, some other signs that your MAF sensor isn’t properly working can be:

·             Decreased gas mileage

·             Rough idle

·             Trouble starting

·             Engine stalling


Most MAF sensors fail because an air filter needs to be replaced, or a filter wasn’t installed properly the last time it was replaced. To prevent sensor failure and other engine related issues (like damage to spark plugs, oxygen sensors or the catalytic converter) air filters should be changed once a year.



In conclusion, if your check engine light does come on, get it checked ASAP. Don’t just ignore it. Also, you need to get it professionally checked out to be sure the issue won't lead to further damage. Here at Rock Solid Auto Center, we have a full-service department that always gets the job done efficiently and correctly! To schedule an appointment, visit our website

3 Reasons Why Your Check Engine Light Might Be On   Sep 18th, 2018